a collective of one?

well ... technically yes.
But that's where you come in.

what's our deal, anyway?

Vermont Design Collective is the freelance studio of Jeff Wainer, providing graphic design, website design and branding services.

For more than a decade I have helped countless clients craft their brands and hone their appearances, even a few from scratch. I’ve had a lot of success, and for one simple reason. I love what I do.

I started Vermont Design Collective as a creative experiment and business venture. I wanted to break free of the “art room” and bring a truly cooperative process to design. I want to interact with people on a personal level to help them realize their vision.

Thanks for stopping in!

recent projects

Cover Design

cover and department page design for online magazine.
Extra! Extra! Get ya fresh stoke here!

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Web Design & Development

web design and development for the best darn event planner in the West.

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Web Design

web design and development for Vermont based coffee roaster. mmm, coffee.

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